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Olympic Village - HOOPS OF HOPE Project - March 11, 2017

Olympic Village Group launched its first-ever Hoops of Hope Project last 2014 to empower the marginalized youth and uplift them thru holistic formation and skills training.

We are pleased to learn that among the 2015 Hoops of Hope Campaign beneficiaries, Messrs. Limuel Hernandez, Ariel Zambrano and Angelito Tivar, have graduated and are now regular employees; while the remaining beneficiaries, TVET Scholars Messrs. Tommy Mayor, Wembee Mortos, Jaylord Magayam are currently doing their On-The-Job training; and Don Bosco Mandaluyong College Scholar, Mr. Kim Atienza is on his 4th year of BS Architecture.

We are likewise delighted that the remaining 2015 Hoops of Hope campaign proceeds have helped finance the summer class tuition fees of additional 8 BS Agriculture scholars in Pampanga.

Truly, they are a testament to Don Bosco Pugad Center's commitment to empower the marginalized youth and uplift them thru holistic formation and skills training, which Olympic Village Enterprises, Inc. (Olympic Village Group) its partners and customers fully share.

During the 2016 Holiday Season, Olympic Village Group together with its generous business partners once again embarked on our HOOPS OF HOPE project.

On behalf of Olympic Village Group and our valued business partners namely: Accel, Apac, Crep Protect, Deuter, JK Exer, Krooberg, Head, Mc David, Molten, Oakley, Peak, Questor, Reef, Reva, Rollerderby, SOF Sole, Tunturi, Universidad and Winmax, we presented Don Bosco Pugad our donation last February 28, 2017 as a sign of our continuous support for the foundation's untiring dedication and mentoring of the marginalized and most vulnerable youth.

Hence, we wanted to take a moment to recognize our customers and partners for making HOOPS of HOPE Project possible.

Hats off to you!


Olympic Village Group Team 

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