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About Olympic Village
Olympic Village Enterprises, Inc. (OLYMPIC VILLAGE) is a registered corporation that operates a chain of ath-leisure specialty stores trading under the names: Olympic Village, Olympic Gold, Olympic World, Olympic Outlet, Olympic Village Fitness, Hoopsville and The Great Olympic Sale.

Established in 1991, OLYMPIC VILLAGE has been providing the best and most popular sports and leisure goods. As a retailer, it strives to raise sports awareness and rekindle the enthusiasm for physical activities. Today,  Olympic Village operates twenty six outlets nationwide.  OLYMPIC VILLAGE continues to reinvent itself into bringing the highest standards of business management and operations to the store level and taking it to the next level of retail excellence.


Olympic Village aims to become the country's leading chain of retail stores, specializing in sports and leisure goods, with good reputation founded on selling authentic, genuine, and high quality merchandise at the best value, empowered by a team of highly motivated and results-oriented professionals, committed to provide all its customers with courteous, efficient service, maximizing its market share and attaining optimum results for its shareholders.

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